Not able to pledge LiquidETF on Zerodha

Hi Friends,

I am not getting option to pledge LiquidETF on Zerodha Console. Attaching screenshot.Pledge_LiquidETF

You can’t pledge until units are credited to your Demat account, From day of purchase it takes 2 days for units to reach your demat.

These were not recently purchased. It was purchased a month ago.

Suggest you to raise ticket at

I got a response from Zerodha support that LiquidETF cannot be pledged. Is this correct?

How much quantity you have? also can you give me the ticket number?

I have 10 quantity now. Below is the ticket number.

#20200625457597 – How do I pledge my shares to get collateral margin?

Hi Siva, is it confirmed that LiquidETF cannot be pledged?