Not all MFs appearing in CAMS mailback report

Hi, I have invested on 7 Mutual funds from various fund houses in my HDFCSecurities trading account. I use INDMoney app to track my overall financials, and they getch my Mutual fund details from CAMS/Karvy Fintech mailback service. I’ve noticed that in this mailback, I’m seeing only 5 funds. Two funds (one from ICICI and one from Kotak) are not appearing in this report. Any idea why? or any suggestion on how I can get this fixed? I tried calling HDFC support, and all they’re saying is “but sir, you own the units and we can see it in our reports”.


Yes same here issue for my mf portfolio funds
Few are not appearing on the cams report

I saw this happening with Franklin funds a few days ago. This coincided with Franklin’s shift to CAMS, so I assumed that that was the reason. The transactions were back in the CAMS reports generated after a couple of days. The reason and the cure could be similar here: wait for a few days, and try again.

This is a CAMS issue, and for once I am with the HDFC support people! This is all that they can say in this matter.

I am still facing this issue and I see recent transactions done in some mutual funds held in demat mode(coin) are not reflecting in the CAMS mailback report since last 2 weeks and few demat mutual funds are not even listed in the report. Below are funds having this issue. @ShubhS9 @siva Any idea about this issue ?

edit : I checked the recent transaction status for all the mentioned funds in CAMS website and all my recent SIP transactions are showing as success ,its just that the mailback report is somehow not reflecting the latest (since 2 weeks) transactions)

166GFDGG-Quant Active Fund

117EBD1G-Mirae Asset Emerging Bluechip Fund

ICICI Prudential US Bluechip Equity Fund

ICICI Prudential Banking and Financial Services


@Neelesh Can you.

With Zerodha your investments are in a demat mode and depends on the RTA and the AMC to show your transactions in the demat mode or not. We update your phone number and email id with the depository although the depository shares such details with the respective RTAs (CAMS/Kfintech), they do not capture the details correctly at their end as they don’t have a well-defined structure to record modified details of an investor whose units are held in Demat mode. Hence, you may find some discrepancy when you verify a few details on the respective AMC’s website.

This shouldn’t cause concern for units held in Demat mode. All such details have to be recorded correctly at the depository. You can verify these details in your profile section on Console, CDSL Easi and coin as well.


For taxation the zerodha console report which contains all MF transactions should be fine correct?

Due to the discrepancy in CAMS mailback report, i can’t use it for taxation purpose?

If the Zerodha console report is fine for taxation, then why do i need this CAMS mailback report?

Unfortunately CAMS & AMC says its a Coin issue. This leaves us with no choice but to move away from Coin. Sad but necessary now.

Can you please share which AMC or RTA says this is an issue from our end so that we can escalate the same to them? As explained earlier the RTA are supposed to take the clients details from the Depository using the BENPOS file which one of the RTA is not doing, you can share the proofs with us and it will help us to escalate this to them.

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The real question is why do you need CAMS report ?

Zerodha Tax PNL MF reports contain everything you need for filing taxes.

Am i missing someting?

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Yes, Zerodh P&L contain all the details/ transaction for the units you purchase on Zerodha coin or even if you transfer and enter the discrepant on console.

My question is why do we need CAMS/Karvry report when we have the zerodha tax PNL report?

Is there any difference in the two reports?

There is no difference, its just that it depends on a client which data they wat to see, be it with the RTA or be it on console.

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@Neelesh I opened a support ticket but it was closed without a satisfactory resolution. Some funds reflect correctly in CAS but some don’t. Support closed ticket with a generic answer.

We need solution for this - at this point I feel moving out of coin is only solution which I don’t like as I wish to track all my investments in one place.

Can you please DM me the ticket number will have it checked.

I have exact same issue, Kotak MFs transactions are not appearing in CAMS report.
Do we have any resolution for the same?


Same started happening with me. Till July all my MF held in demat form in CAMS purchased via coin were showing up. Only from august CAMS is not showing all these held funds. It seems to be cams issue on how they are storing data. If it was working till July it cannot suddenly stop if its coin issue. Older transaction should also show in CAMS which were previously showing.

Reliance/Nippon Mutual funds are not tied up with CAMS

Unfortunately, the RTAs for some weird reason have stopped showing funds held in demat mode. But it doesn’t matter, you can check all your holdings on CDSL easi and on Console as well. We anyways show more detailed analytics on Console holdings that the CAS statements.