Not all MFs appearing in CAMS mailback report

Hi @Bhuvan @Neelesh,

I did raise this query with CAMS - Kotak, the answer was:
" we would like to infom you that we are unable to view the details for demat folio hence we request you to kindly contact concern depositories"

Ticket : 73669989,

CDSL easi and console gives access to Demat details, i want this to be working as i recently moved to Zerodha Coin, and i had to depend on Karvy/CAMs detailed statement, to have a consolidated view of my funds which were invested with Respsecitve AMCs as well as current funds in Coin.

It was all good till July, something changed in Aug or end of July causing this.

Can you please do the needful?


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We have no role to play here, it’s up to the RTAs to show these investments.

Ticket number is 20210819267279

The funny part is that Motilal Oswal funds show up but the rest don’t. I explained this to support and they completely gleamed over this fact.

So here’s a fun fact.

Based on Bhuvan’s reply above I registered for CDSL easi and the transactions that don’t show up on the CAMS portal don’t show up on CDSL easi either.

What is going on guys? At this point how do we even confirm if you’ve purchased the units that you have debited us money for?

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I was able to confirm that the units are allotted by obtaining a report of transactions. Odd that the transactions do not show directly on CDSL easi site.

But the same transactions that show up in CDSL easi report do not show up in CAMS report so that point still remains open.

For now, I have paused all SIPs on Coin till this is fixed.

The units will show in your statement of transactions on CDSL SOT, they will not show up with individual investment amount , NAV but only the units per transaction.

This is again a fault of RTA where they do not show the Demat investments.

This is not an issue from coin, neither this will affect any of your investments so i don’t think there is any point for you to pause your investments. When all your units are visible in your Demat account, the breakdown on console along with the other details as well which is your sole Demat account holdings and the units are in your name. If you pause your SIP for this reason you are loosing on the investment opportunity instead.

When thew units are purchased and that is you would have also received a mail from CDSL for the credit of the units as well.

A member from our team will give you a call back today.

Thank you very much for your intervention. I received a call from support explaining the issue in detail. 10/10 for the support provided.

I depend on CAMS statements to track investments across platforms and the missing funds do not allow me to do this anymore. I can understand that this is not a COIN problem but it does affect COIN customers so all I can hope for is that you will work out a solution with CAMS soon.

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Yes, we do understand this and we have been trying to sort this out with the RTA since long :slight_smile: hopefully this should be resolved sometime soon where CAMS serviced AMCs show the demat transactions as well in the statement.

Instead why dont you plan on shifting all your holdings to zerodha (refer to this link) further you will not have to depend on anyone and can track all the investments on console, tag them, set goals, pledge them for margin and so much more :smiley:

Yea same happening with parag parikh flexicap fund not showing in cams/karvy statement.It is so bugging me that i am thinking of using some other platform and it’s only cause i like coin simple ui i am taking this long, earlier i got my elss fund dematerialised to move to coin but now this issue.
Pls get this fixed

I am so glad I found this thread. I have been going nuts for the last 1 month trying to figure out why my mutual funds bought through Zerodha Coin stopped showing in the CAMS statement.

Although this may not be a Coin issue, since Zerodha is one of the largest brokers (I think) I believe it becomes your duty to help sort it out for your customers. You’ll will probably have more sway with the RTA and AMC houses then us (I would hope).

Also I want to say that depending on Console is probably a bad idea. The reporting and platform is seriously lacking. I also had a very strange experience and the support from Zerodha for this has been terrible. The problem is that I have been investing in UTI Nifty Index fund for the last 4 months now with weekly SIPS and in between one SIP was randomly assigned to a different folio. So I now have about 15 transactions in one folio and 1 transaction in a another one. When I emailed Zerodha support I was bounced around to different people who finally closed the ticket giving me a lame response saying that the Folio should remain the same. I know that, which is why I opened the ticket in the first place!

Another example for why the Coin platform is not sufficient is because of incomplete information from their reports. When I use the export transactions as csv function from the Coin site to import into my records, the BUY transactions show the proper folio number but the SELL transactions have the Folio number as blank. This is really simple stuff but you’ll need to get it right.

Until Zerodha starts to take its Coin platform more seriously, we will need to depend on CAMS to provide us with proper, detailed, and authentic information. Please please help sort it out. I have stopped my investments through Coin in the meantime and am using my bank platform in the meantime.


I think this might solve issue once for all:


Registered just now and there is a separate tab for all Demat holdings.
So hopefully they have sorted out data sync problems with all the fund houses

mfcentral is again half baked , half assed attempt at consolidated reporting.

It not showing half of my investments.

Same here. I’m seeing only those options that were originally appearing in the CAMS mailback reports.

Yes same problems as CAMS/Karvy.

Don’t know what was the point of making mfcentral.

Thanks for this. I signed up and it seems to show most of my accounts. They have a separate DEMAT tab which holds the funds from Zerodha Coin.

I was able to verify by this that Zerodha is showing a wrong Folio against one of my investments. @Neelesh @Bhuvan can you help with support on this? The Zerodha support portal is absolutely clueless.


There is a separate tab for DEMAT holdings. Did you check that (It took me a minute to find that). I am able to see my investments through Zerodha Coin in this which were not appearing in the CAMS mailback report.

yes, i m talking about demat holdings tab. NOT SOA.

Go to CAS section and then click on detailed tab , click submit.after some time your report will be shown in the download tab near to Detailed tab.there are MF details will be provided registered with your PAN.Hope this will help you

yes i did that. its not showing all the MF.

As of now only coin shows all my MFs.