Not showing margin for weekly nifty option

In margin calculator, its not showing me required margin, if I sell call of Nifty 50 expiry of 7 Nov 2019. Even it’s not showing for 14,21 November. It has option for 28 Nov margin required. How can I calculate margin requirement

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I don’t think the margin calculator shows the margin for weekly contracts. What you can do is place an order from your trading terminal for the required contract for a large quantity. The order will get cancelled saying that you have insufficient fund and required amount will be mentioned.
Example: Lets say you have 5 lakh in your account. And you estimate that a BN option will require a margin for around 60k -1Lakh. So you place a sell order for 25 lots. Your order will get cancelled mentioning insufficient fund and required amount is 18,35,675. Boom ! Divide it by your ordered quantity (here, 25) to get the margin requirement. Which comes around 72k .

I found this method works better than using margin calculator as it is gives more Real-time value.
P.S. Make sure that funds is your Trading account is far less than the estimated cost of your dummy order. Or else it might get executed.

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Thank you sir. It was very useful.