Not understanding the merger (Tata Consumer Products Ltd.)

On 3rd March, the CL of Tata Chemicals was ₹724.45 and the open price on 4th March was ₹315. Tata Group was only merging the consumer segment of Tata Chemicals with Tata Global Beverages (TGBL). The company had said that for every 100 shares of Tata Chemicals, the person will get 114 shares of Tata Global Beverages.

My question: How did the company know which shareholder of TCL wants to take 114 shares of TGBL and which shareholder wants to retain its share in TCL?

The proposal for demerging consumer business was approved by majority of Shareholders. You cannot select to hold only one company. The split of shares is for all shareholders.

This is what I understand: A person holds 100 shares of TCL. He will get 114 shares of TGBL. In total he will have 100 shares of TCL and 114 shares of TGBL after the merger. Is it correct?

Yes. You are correct