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Hey @RanjanZ, can you DM me your client id so that we can have it checked?

I have opened a ticket at Zerodha: #20210225406828
Hope that helps. No communication about when the shares will be transferred is making me uneasy. Already feeling low for exiting BHEL on loss recently:(

Now i am with another issue. The shares transferred but don’t show price and only n/a appears. After search i found that it has to be added manually! Never thought i will be left to figure this item. Shares were transferred and the prices should have been known to zeroda/cdsl. I also see that if i enter wrong price then i may ne be able to correct that!

Is there any automated solution for this issue or not? If shares transferred on 26 feb then can i enter closing price of 26 feb??

The average prices for gift transactions are updated automatically on the next trading day after the gift transaction is processed. You won’t have to enter the details manually. Since the transfer from your account was processed on Friday, the average prices for it will be updated today. This won’t affect the trades in the receiver’s account and he/she should be able to sell it today if they wish to.

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Thanks for the confirmation! Not in hurry will see if it updates by tomorrow.

Still price not updated!! What if the shares are sold now? Will it assume all the sale price as profit as buy price is zero? Zerodha need to improve urgently. Confused :thinking:

Now no one ready to suggest what is expected and this the support forum for biggest stock brokering platform!! really??

Looks like the average price update failed for the transaction failed in our process yesterday evening. We’re getting this checked. This should be updated by the end of the day in Console and you’ll be able to see the averages on Kite tomorrow.

No sir it still not updated :wink:. My wife also opened a support request and no response yet. It takes time to shine but losing shine does not take much time, hope zerodha founders know this. People are reporting other issues also on platform.


My nightmare with zerodha continues…

I see they have updated price in console for transferred shares but they have created another issue for me…

Now I see that the stocks I have transferred to wife is treated like sell action and the profit from those added to my account. Why they are doing this kind of thing? Transferred shares gain should not be added to the account who is gifting. Either zerodha has wrong documentation or ther system going super glitchy now. Seriously thinking to change broker now.

I did ask about tax implications before transferring via TKT no. #20210225858974

The same is clearly mentioned in the post itself, you can check top of this thread.

Well then I must say the term “Gift” has been misused. It should have been more technically fit name like OFF MARKET BUSINESS TRANSACTION. Transfer and Gift are not same things. I read on some other media also that the gifting party saves tax on the appreciation. I was in for a rude surprise on seeing the profit added to my account.

I will check with my CA to understand it further. Had zerodha document given a sample of the transaction involved then it was easy to understand the facts.

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Then everyone will be gifting stocks to their family to avoid taxes right? No one will be paying capital gain tax this way.

Btw, what we show on Console in terms of P&L and taxation is the most conservative view in terms of taxation. There can potentially be many views that can be taken. You are free to use whatever view you want when filing your income tax returns. What we show on Console is only for your reference. You can change it to whatever you want while filing the income tax returns. You just have to be in a position to give a reason why you took that view if you had scrutiny.


Thanks for responding to my concerns.

In my view the article describing something like Gifting share/MF should have some mathematical computation samples indicating the maximum tax liability one has doing that kind of transaction. Those samples works best in compare to mere statements which can be understood different way, every one is not is same level of thought about these complexities .

For example below statement gave me idea that i will not have to pay tax on appreciation

"Since the Gift Tax Act (GTA) was abolished the sender is not liable to pay any tax on gifts.

As per the Income Tax Act, Capital Gains would arise on the transfer of a Capital Asset. However, Section 47 specifically excludes ‘gift’ from the definition of ‘transfer’. Thus, the sender of a gift is not liable to pay income tax on such a transaction."

I had asked about tax implication from Zerodha support , had they responded in just yes/no you will have tax liability on appreciation, it would have helped better.

Will be cautious next time …

This meant that any additional tax for gifting. But yeah, we will have this reworded better.

Yes please do the needful to have documentation which helps better. As you can see in this thread some message are telling that the receiver of the gift will pay tax if he/she sells with the formula:
Gain= (Price at exit)- (Price of acquisition by the Gifting part)

All these gave me impression that the one receiving gift will pay tax for all the gain on shares. Let me start with a sample, good use of forum. Only blaming and fighting is not ideal. Let us learn by reasoning here.

G= Gifting party
R= Receiving Party

G Bought 100 shares at Rs. 10: Total Cost =1000
G Gifter those shares when price was say 15/- per piece, no timeframe…it could be 1 day, 1year or 5year…
R Sold the shares when price was say 20/- per piece, again no time frame

Can G report it as 0 Gain?
Can R report it as 100% gain? (20-10)*100 = 1000

Is this kind of tax reporting can be done? We are ready to pay tax can R pay on every penny gain including gains during holding period on G.

I was understanding tax liability this way only.

You could do this.

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Hi Nithin,

I have gifted shares and recipient has received email to approve . When he clicks on approve, page shows blank. I have faced this issue earlier as well.
can you tell why ?

Ticket # [#20210308870072]

Hi Team.

I have gifted shares, the recipient has accepted the same.
There was an email to me to approve Gift, however, there is no option in my Console to approve gift. Please help. #20210310740197


You can click on the link provided over email/SMS to accept the gift. Check this.