Nr4 breakout with atr sl run

Hi friends ,

I need the simple code for trading NR4 breakout strategy with super trend TSL.

Entry ; Buy /Sell enable breakout of nr4
Trailing SL : 3* ATR (10)

Note : 1. TSL line should be visible only buy /sell in trade . ( that is, if buy is triggered TSL line should visible until TSL triggered for Exit ) .
2.after entry to avoid the next signals till the TSL triggered .

I need to back test in different time frame and if its workout to check for algo trade also .

kindly help any one I am not in coding back round…

thanks in advance …

@Streak can you.

Hi @Cvaji79

You can use the following condition for this.

Note that Streak does not support trading charts but tracks your condition on a candle-by-candle basis. So the ATR TSL used here will not be visible in Streak when you enter the trade. But you can use Kite to monitor if you wish to see the chart during the trade.

thanks a lot … i will check and come if any query …