NRI account opening without visiting India

Can an NRI open a zerodha account without having to visit India?

Also, what are the slippages (brokerage plus STT plus DP charges & what not )?

This post should help.

hello @Bhuvan @Sanket @nithin

Can one NRI open two or more stock holding/trading accounts with different brokers (for say in Zerodha and HDFC securities) in India? For this one required 1 PIS (Portfolio investment scheme) for all or 1 PIS for each account?


You can link the PIS account to only one trading account at a time. You could open an NRE-PIS and and link it to one NRE-trading account with broker A (the money from sales of such securities held in such account will be freely repatriable) and one NRO-PIS account additionally and link it to NRO-trading account with Broker B (the procceds from sales of securities from such an account is non-repatriable).