NRI banknifty options intraday


Can NRI trade banknifty weekly options intraday? Is there any equivalent brokerage calculator for NRI?

Can the NRI invest the amount, lets say, 10L in liquid funds and use the same as margin for trading banknifty options intraday? Please clarify.

@AkshayAtur Can you.

@tradeanalyzer_tradea, Yes. It’s possible to trade intraday in banknifty weekly options. However, NRIs have to come through a custodian via the CP (Custodial Participant) code.

No, currently we do not have a separate brokerage calculator for NRIs. The brokerage for F&O is flat Rs. 100 per order.

This depends on the custodian. You’ll have to check with them regarding how they’d give you collateral margins. In case you hold a demat account with us, we wouldn’t provide you any collateral on those securities/liquid funds for F&O trading for NRIs since the settlements happen through a custodian.

In case you have any further queries, do reach out to nridesk[at]zerodha[dot]com