Nri derivatives/options brokerage reduction

@nithin @Siva Given Non-PINS derivative trades are allowed for an NRI. Zerodha is currently charging 100Rs per equity option trade (which is 5 times costlier than resident), Do we have plans to reduce it ? i believe, This would give more liquidity wherein nri make more no. of trades would be beneficial to zerodha too. At present, 100Rs per trade eats most of the trading profits (+charges). So Zerodha should consider at par and and bring in equal platform. For Equity (NRE+PINS account), the brokerage difference makes a little sense as there is specific work to meet the FATCA guidelines, but for NRO-NON PINS, i dont think there is any difference. Could you please address this and make it a level playing field.

For FO an NRI can trade only through the CP (Custodial participant) route. The effort involved for us as a broker is exponentially more in the case of CP trades, hence the higher brokerage. Even in case of equity delivery trades we are required to collect taxes and pay on behalf of the NRI customer, a lot more effort and hence higher charges.

ok thanks @nithin. Can some one quickly clarify whether the minimum brokerage for F&O is 100 or max is 100Rs. can we have a zerodha brokerage calculator for NRI separately… because i also thought F&0 brokerage for NRI is 0.1% of traded value to the max of Rs.100. Looks like, it is not. @siva @VenuMadhav (refer video brokerage slide: )

Can check this.

thank you @siva. i looked at this too. i am confused with the you tube video posted by @VenuMadhav. Is 0.1% is calculated only for equity or even for options. Venu’s video mention for F&0 too.

Only for eq.

Can you give time, I mean at what minute he says that.

at 13:12 in the video

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