NRO account and F&O trading

@nithin sir, I want to open an NRO account with zerodha and trade in F&O.
I have read the account opening procedure on your website and found that for NRI’s to trade ind F&O, CP Code is required and zerodha has tied up with IL&FS as their custodial participant.
but IL&FS needs 25lacs to 50lacs as security to obtain CP Code. this is a huge amount.
is there any other way to obtain CP Code?
i have gone through NSE website too for the same and they have not mentioned anything about 25lacs to 50 lacs as security to obtain CP Code.
Please guide me in this regards.
thank you.

Hi @dp1980, Yes. We have appointed IL&FS as the custodian to allow NRI customers to trade in F&O.

It isn’t security that you need to give to IL&FS but you’re required to show a Net worth of around 25lacs - 50lacs to apply for the Custodial Participant (CP) code. It’s not always 25lacs and is decided by the custodian.

This is decided by the custodian since there are risks involved. This could be different with other custodians. Hence, the custodian would ask to show a net worth of around 25-50 lacs to issue a CP code.

Please do write to [email protected] and we’ll connect you with IL&FS who could assist.