NSE boasts to be the 3rd largest stock exchange in the world. In what category?

I have read this information here, About NSE section.


Is this true, that NSE is world's 3rd largest stock exchange? If so, in what category.

I checked on Market Cap and Daily volumes, it is not even close to top 3 exchanges.


I found this press release which says


It is India's largest exchange and ranks third globally by number of trades in the equities market.

In this short span of time, NSE has become the largest exchange in single stock futures and ranks fourth in index futures globally.

I think NSE is world’s 3rd largest stock exchange in terms of Index Futures turnover. It had even clocked the highest turnover in the world on some particular day in 2012 or 2013. google it for that particular news.

I think NSE’s FnO trading, based on volumes.