NSE/BSE listed company announces rs 440 per share dividend!

MERCK ltd has announced rs 440 per share dividend payable by 29 June .After STRIDES rs 500 per share in December 2013 this 440 being second highest dividend being announced by any Bse/Nse listed co ?

I think one company announced higher dividend last year, I forgot its name some MNC only.

Then it fell and trapped new investors lol.

It was 202 per share by Ingersoll rand and 80 per share by Sherwani (geep ) .

Oh yes Ingersoll rand, ya i checked it now, i was thinking on percentage terms

But absolute wise, then Merck has to be it

Both Ingersoll Rand and Merck has same face value rs 10.wonder what prevented the company to come out with fixed price buyback as promoters are holding just 51.82% that too after a very recent formality based mandatory open offer .Dividend is triple taxation . With 20.36% DDT company will be spending 552.50 per share to give 440 per share dividend plus hni’s will incur another 10% Dividend tax.

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Will MAJESCO ltd break all these records and pay around 1000 per share Dividend after buyback …buyback at 845 market price 900 which will be subscribed by hni’s and promoters in view of no tax on such gains in the hands of seller.

why you think 855 worth of stock will pay 1000 dividend ? any specific reason.

Majesco as per filing to nse/bse has sold of its entire business except a 125000 sq feet Multi story building at Mhape New Mumbai . entire money will be distributed by way of maximum permitted 25% buyback ( 845 per share which will be subscribed by only hnis and Promoters to enjoy tax free gains ) and what so ever equity remain , after buyback will be given Dividend .
The property too will be disposed off later and company will be liquidated .

if the company or its assets/liablities are sold , and company is going to delist i think shareholders should get their capital back along with accumulated profits , dont know whats the need of buyback then. Will have to check it though.

In my view to return the wealth of shareholders , Buyback is best option but it has restriction of maximum 25% ( taxable to company ) and second best option is Dividend which is taxable in the hands of shareholder. MAJESCO is using these 2 methods . EXACT dividend amount will depend on response to buyback offer at 845 …on how much shares will remain after buyback quantity get extinguished .
Later the company will remain listed with Single building property at say 50 rs odd per share which too will be disposed off in future, most probability by way of liquidation as d listing is time consuming , expensive and uncertain process.

Other than MAJESCO as discussed above , other such case is PRABHAT DAIRY where promoter have sold it’s business and want to distribute the cash plus d list the company but is HIGHLY CONTROVERSIAL with Sebi and SAT involved . even after SAT quashing Sebi order if company accept what SAT has ordered , there are chances of good gains . However the option with company is to move Apex court is still there ?

MAJESCO LTD …22 December 2020 will be last date to buy -sell WITH HUGE VERY HUGE perhaps ever highest dividend per share in bse/nse history .

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