NSE Bullion Futures

When are we going to trade in NSE commodity segment?

I had called zerodha support just now. NSE launched commodity futures today. As usual they are clueless when NSE Commodity futures will be launched on zerodha. Zerodha has still not enabled cross currency trading which NSE launched many months back. Whenever you enquire about it, zerodha support says we are working on it and we will get back to you. They haven’t got back in last 6 months as far as cross currency futures are concerned and I guess same will be the case with NSE Commodity contracts. Pathetic . @ NithinKamath is this the sort of service that clients can expect from zerodha in the future. I think it would be better to shift to other brokers who are already offering these services at SAME cost as zerodha.

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I guess they are working on it.