Nse direct membership

I came to know individuals can apply for direct membership at nse.
How individual nse trading members trade, i mean through which trading platform?
Does the nse providing any software?
Or they have to approach any brokers for trading terminal?

well… as they have spent so much on nse membership it is likely they will be using their own trading platform… there are lots of platforms like ninja trader etc which support third party feeds… so likey them…

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These pages on the NSE website shed light about that -

Also another page on NSE website, shares some more details about how trading members trade -

Each trading member trades on the NSE with other members through a PC located in the trading member’s office. The trading members on the various market segments such as CM, F&O, WDM, Currency Derivatives, SLBM, MF and IPO are linked to the central computer at the NSE through dedicated leased lines and VSAT terminals. The telecommunications network is the backbone of the automated trading system has been upgraded to use the more popular and modern IP Protocol which was using X.25 protocol earlier. NSE is one of the largest interactive VSAT based stock exchanges in the world. Today it supports more than 2500 VSATs and 3000 leased lines across the country. The NSE- network is the largest private wide area network in the country and the first extended C- Band VSAT network in the world. Currently more than 10000 users are trading on the real time-online NSE application.

During the pandemic, stock brokers were allowed to trade from home for the first time -