NSE glitch today : Avoiding short delivery

I shorted 50 shares (MIS trade) of DMART on NSE at around 10.30 am. I couldn’t square it off because of the NSE glitch. At the time of writing, NSE still is not back up online.

So I bought 50 shares (CNC) of DMART on BSE just now. I should be safe from short delivery, right? I will obviously not square off the CNC shares. They should get transferred from my demat on T+2, and help me avoid short selling penalty?

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@nithin @siva Kindly clarify.

Yeah, post interoperability, positions across Exchanges get net off. So if you’re long NSE and short in BSE at EOD, your net position is zero.


Thanks for the clarification. Puts my mind (and others’ too) to ease a bit.

Should we take the losses or gains as the case may be, in such trades on both exchanges ???

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@jaydivanji sorry but check if zerodha auto squared off ur short position.

Because if u bought in cnc they may have still squared off the mis using bse exchange.

Check if u have two legs or three legs for this scrip

Yes, Zerodha did auto square off, so I exited my manual BSE protection long trade. Net quantity at end of day is zero.

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It means if i shorted 50 shares in equity mis on nse n after glitch i ve bought 50 shares in mis on bse, thn my position wl b considered squared off ?

N in case nse wrkn fine n i shorted on nse n buy back same qty on bse, it wl be treated as squared of ?