NSE goBID - buying G-Sec (T-bills/Bonds)


Anyone here is using the NSE goBID app/webplatform for buying G-Sec (T-bills/Bonds)? How is it?

Investing in Government Securities
NSE offers a mobile app “NSE goBID” and web-based platform for investing in government securities. It is available to all investors registered with Trading Members of NSE. Through NSE’s platform retail investors can place order for buying treasury bills (T-Bills) and Government of India (GoI) dated bonds in the primary market. The platform will offer a ready infrastructure to Trading Members of NSE for order collection, payment, refunds, transfer of bonds. However, Trading Members may offer their own facility for collecting orders from their investors.
Source - https://nseindia.com/products/content/debt/ncbp/about_ncbp.htm

So basically one needs to enter DP/Demat details. Your pan is your login. Then you can purchase T-bills etc directly. I think its official platform of exchange to transact in G-SEC. I am having difficulty in getting OTP on mobile and hence stuck with registration.


Update -
Looks like they have just officially launched it today in morning.


Didn’t like the signup process and the subsequent experience. I’ll stick to using Coin which way easier and better.


How much zerodha is charging for buying Gsec anyways? I heard RBI fixed the brokerage already.


0.06% or Rs 6 for every Rs 10,000 invested will be charged as brokerage.


Spoke with nse goBiD team. NSE isnt charging anything for Gsec at the moment.