NSE NOW is down today

My one order got executed 10 times. I’m now stuck with BNF OTM 10 lots instead of 1 :frowning:
Who do I raise a complaint with? If it was broker, I go to NSE, now whom?

How come 10 times.!
You must have entered orders again and again thinking your orders are not going through

Nope, only tried twice only

Contact NSE NOW asap

Busy lines. What else could be expected from them?
Not even a circular or notice posted.
I don’t trust Indian Exchanges anymore

I contacted them 3-4 times today bro.
Usually got connected after 2-3 mins and 7-8 attempts.

Its all over twitter, CNBC Awaz etc.

Take screenshots of your orderbook, trade book, position book etc along with time on pc screen etc etc.

Wow… Long live NSE…

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Neither zerodha had a “small glitch” nor Nor NSE NOW is anybodys darling.
And nobody cried foul then also.
It was only when culprit party started trying to muzzle the voices of the genuine grievances the problem started.
I remember they tried to remove a critical content on site like quora as well. It was later successfully restored.
There is a difference between being humble and being rude, dear