NSE Options 52Week High Low + Circuit Limit File

Hi, I have been searching for a file from NSE which lists all options Circuit Limit and 52Week High Low, but have not been able to find one yet.

Is anyone aware of such a file, if yes can you please share its details here.

Thanks in advance

Sounds like a secret file stashed somewhere, not available to anyone :grin:

I know right! :frowning:

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Do you know it exists, have you seen it before, know someone using it, or you think it exists or you think it should exist? :thinking:

Yes, the details are available in a file named “contract.gz” which is updated by NSE regularly for NEAT terminal contracts.

But this file access is only given to Brokers

You are not a broker, so you will not be given access by NSE or brokers?

NSE I think, my best guess is that it is on a NSE Ftp server, and we need user id and password to access it


These credentials are only given to NSE members

Then why are you looking for it when you know that its access is not given and off limits to individuals, assuming you are an individual and not a business entity? :roll_eyes:

Well, I came to know about this right now, while doing my research online.

You changed your username after posting all of these comments, that’s new :face_with_spiral_eyes:

Yeah, I had just created the account and happened so, I created it via the name of the firm I work for. Just made this account for individual use.

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