NSE - Registration For EMAIL Facility

why i keep geeting this email from nse ? do i need to register somwhere ?

Dear Investor,


With reference to SEBI circular ref no. CIR/MIRSD/15/2011dated August 02, 2011, regarding SMS and email alerts to investor by Stock Exchanges, the SMS and email facility has been provided for ease and convenience of verification of trades.

Information pertaining to your transactions (Traded value is quantity traded multiplied by trade price) for 08-DEC-2017 is attached below. Please follow the procedure given below for opening the attachment: 

1. Click on the attachment provided with this mail
2. You will be prompted for your password. 
3. The password is your PAN number in upper case.
4. Please check the first 3 letters of PAN provided in the mail attachment, to avoid mistakes

The data is being provided to the clients on an "as is" and "where-is" basis, without any warranty. The Exchange shall not be liable for any delay or any other interruption which may occur in providing the data due to any reason including network (Internet) reasons or snags in the system, break down of the system or any other equipment, server breakdown, maintenance shutdown, breakdown of communication services or inability of the Exchange to send the data. In no event shall the Exchange be liable for any damages, including without limitation direct or indirect, special, incidental, or consequential damages, losses or expenses arising in connection with the data provided by the Exchange through this facility.

In case you need any clarification, please feel free to call on our toll free number 1800 22 0051( select option 5 - UCI & Trade Alerts). You can also email us at [email protected], quoting your PAN, Mobile no. and your query.

Thanks and Regards, 

National Stock Exchange of India Limited

This is not an intimation for new registration, they keep sending you this alerts everyday.

Recently NSE started overdoing this alertification over email and phone, and kind of turning it into spamification.

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This is a Good Initiative from NSE.

Let me Tell you why.
There are Brokerage Houses which place orders on Clients behalf Without taking any permission from the clients.

If this type of activities will happen in your account at least customer will know about this activity at end of the day if He/she have not placed any orders or done any Trading activities on that day.


You only get these emails on the day you trade.
There will be PDF attachments at the bottom of the email which just list your trades of the day.
But why you got confused?

you will get this email from NSE if you trade, but thing is that ,only the heading is wrong / will confuse

because of email subject line.