NTPC buyback Tender offer

How many number of shares is eligible to participate in this buyback.And any other information regarding this

This is from NTPC’s Public Announcement, they will determine entitlement of each shareholder on basis of shareholding on Record Date which is on November 13th. We should have more details after that.

On the basis of shareholding as on the Record Date, the Company will determine the entitlement of each shareholder to tender their Equity Shares in the Buyback. This entitlement for each shareholder will be calculated based on the number of Equity Shares held by the respective shareholder as on the Record Date and the ratio of Buyback applicable in the category to which such shareholder belongs. The final number of Equity Shares that the Company will purchase from each Eligible Shareholder will be based on the number of Equity Shares tendered. Accordingly, the Company may not purchase all of the Equity Shares tendered by an Eligible Shareholder.

@Sriram_Venkatesalu:: Nowadays too much traffic on this road to fixed price buyback hence the acceptance ratio turn very low … even in TCS where buyback was ALWAYS 100% in Reserved category( max holding rs 2 lakh as per market price on record date ) this time at 3000 per share expected to be around 50-60% in case market price remain at this level which is 2650-2700 during buyback time which is expected in 2nd -third week of December. other fixed price buyback in market right now are Majesco , James warran tea , KIOCL , NMDC etc .

When will the buyback start?
Will company give notification date
I had shares on 13th Nov which was record date

The exact Buyback schedule hasn’t been announced yet by the company.

Yes, company will notify in due course.

If you had bought shares before 12th November (ex-date) you will be eligible to take part in Buyback.

You can keep track of the Buyback on Bulletin, we will update the details here when NTPC Buyback is scheduled to start.

(1)After record date , the buyback proposal go for sebi approval so that a schedule can be announced …among past cases buyback of Infosys , Tcs and Hcl tech start within 15 days of record date wherein buyback of Wipro ,Cheviot , Renaissa jewelers etc took 40-50 days .
(2) live case COSMO FILMS record date was 9 November and buyback will start from 27 November.
(3) In rare cases L&T buyback was not approved by SEBI wherein Thomas cook withdraw buyback even after record date wherein Buyback announced by PC Jewelry , Kwality , Vakarngee etc were withdrawn before record date .

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I was holding 1700 shares of NTPC as on record date but sold them recently and booked profits !

Now, I have received ‘Tender Form’ via email and it mentions my ‘Entitlement for Buy-back’ as 236 shares.

Here I need your help ! To get those 236 shares accepted for buyback, Do I need to tender 1700 shares or tendering 236 shares would do ? I will be buying them from open market before buyback window opens !

No, you don’t have to tender 1700 shares, tendering only 236 shares will do.

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@ShubhS9. Hi. Isn’t the NTPC tendering deadline Dec 18th 6 pm? Console is showing 16th Dec 6 pm. I was wondering if I could buy shares(ones I sold after record date) on 15th and 16th and tender them on 18th?

Hi, you can tender your NTPC shares until 2:00 PM on December 18th.

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I had 100 shares of NTPC .Now,I own 59 shares .my investment value for 59 shares is ₹5900.but why zerodha shows average share price is ₹50 and investment value is ₹2950
Note:I have tendered 41 out of 100 shares in buyback offer.my initial buy price is ₹100.intital investment is ₹10,000

For account related queries would request you to raise a ticket at support.zerodha.com, team will have this checked.

Thanks for your reply. I created a ticket for this

I have the same problem @ShubhS9