Nucleus Buyback

The last date for nucleus buyback is 14th Jan. In console it is showing as 13Jan 06;00pm. Zerodha generally opens second BB window on last date,are they going to do the same for nucleus??? because when I called on support number the gentlemen said that today I the last date. I have bought few share yesterday which would get delivered tommorow. (PS: I held the shares on Record date and now buying back.) @ShubhS9 @nithin

Pravin, second buyback window for Nucleus will open from 6 PM onwards today. You can tender your shares until 2 PM tomorrow.

Can you DM me your Client ID? Will have this checked.

@ShubhS9 Sorry for bothering you again. I had placed the BB order in second window at 1:53PM today.(Was waiting till last moment as I was waiting for the credit of 50 shares which I had bought back on t-2 day.).

Usually I used to get SMS and email for buyback appli before 3:30PM on the last day. Today I have not received the sms/mail and also the status on console is still showing status as pending.Kindly help.

Would suggest you create a ticket at Team will have this checked and assist.

Just now recieved a call and an email from the zerodha that due to an issue at the exchange end the buyback order could not be placed. This is so so wrong at multiple levels. First it zerodha was unable to place the BB order then why have they kept the shares blocked??? Why sould I take unnecessary risk of holding the shares when I wont be participating in the BB itself. Secondly even if there was a technical fault then too zerodha is responsible for the same , I pay thousands of rupees in brokerage and in return I get a response that there was a technical fault.

@nithin @siva @ShubhS9 Why are you people quite? I am losing about 35K rs for no fault of mine. Also the share has fallen and is expected to fall more once the excess shares tendered are released. Why should I bear the risk for zerodha/NSE’s fault?

You people are not going scot free guys. Ignore my messages as long as you can. I am taking you to courts. This is breach of trust.

You cannot shrugg off your responsibility in the garb of technical failure. Enough of this bullshit.