Obtaining demand from bid-ask

a stock is rising its bid qty is 55000 and ask qty 125000…any idea to trade on this data?

Do you mean the Total Bid Qty 55000 and Total Ask Qty 125000.

The answer is No. I have observed these values for several days.

I have seen prices shooting up even when the Ask quantity is multiple times of Bid qty.

What happens really (as I understand), people who buy since morning (bullish) in intraday, change their stand towards selling (setting some target value as Sell Order and waiting for it to reach), So in ELOB (Limit Order Book), the sell side quantity slowly increases and becomes multiple times of Bid quantity.

But usually my observation If Bid and Ask qtys are almost equal, I see a bullish trend, If Ask quanity is several times of bid quanity, in close of day huge selling occurs, which pulls back the bullish curve formed in the earlier part of the day. But this could be my personal opinion. In reality the Total Sell Qty or Total Buy Qty have no indication.