Odd Lots traded in Nifty Options!

So, I was playing with zerodha’s API and I noticed something unusual.

instrument_token : 9135362
exchange_token : 35685
tradingsymbol : NIFTY20N059900PE
name : NIFTY
expiry : 2020-11-05
strike : 9900
lot_size : 75
instrument_type : PE
volume : 67675.

When the Lot-Size is 75, then how can the volume be 67675?
This means that the total lots traded are : 67675/75 = 902.333
How is this possible?

In-order to dig deeper, I checked the values on Zerodha’s Kite App also.
It shows the same data (Image Attached)

  1. Also, I checked the 9900 CE for the same expiry
    It has buyers at 5380. (Image attached)
    What am I missing here?

  2. Also, it looks like there’s a kite bug.
    When I press on “Show 20 Depth”, all details disapper,(Image Attached)

Am I missing something?
Do comment @nithin @siva @ShubhS9 @Venum

That strike is very far away, not showing on NSE only, NSE works on token based, they keep changing them so it might be showing old scrip details. Said that if one trade happens or we come close in time we will get normal data, can be ignored for now.

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So does that mean that the market-depth details Zerodha is showing is wrong?
This should be changed, cause if someone is Algo trading, this would give out wrong information and that may cause huge losses!!

As said that strike is not showing on NSE website, very far away strike, also there is no discrepancy in price to make loss, will try to remove these strikes showing on kite.