Off Market Gifting

There is a provision to Gift shares via off market transactions via DIS instructions. @nithin, @VenuMadhav : Can you kindly comment on this if ZD supports this and if you have any experience dealing with such requests ?

You’ll just have to select the appropriate option on the DIS slip (Option 10) while initiating the transfer. Operationally, nothing changes for us as a DP while executing the slip.

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Do keep in mind zerodha charges 25rs or 0.3% of the value of shares being gifted. ( whichever is higher )

Thanks @VenuMadhav and @Som_E for your kind inputs.

Hi @TAXIQ.IN - do you know the tax implications for the gifter ? Meaning, would the transaction be treated as a sale ? Can I trust gift shares and can I gift shares to a trust ? Does that change any taxation ?