Offer For Sale of NTPC

Could anyone please tell me how to buy OFS for NTPC? It shows LTP-173 and Floor price-163 so if I want to purchase at what price I would get the shares of NTPC ( 173 or 163)

It is showing “no offer for sale” in Q-Backoffice. Why is it so?

You will be able to place orders in Q from 3.30 PM today until August 30th, 3.15 PM. Check this bulletin for more details.

Thaks for ur kind reply. Plz tell me for purchasing OFC, I can use kite fund or I have to pay through the bank transaction?

Upon OFS allotment your trading account will be debited with the value of OFS allottment. So you should keep your trading account funded.

NTPC shares (OFS) have been allotted successfully @159.6 rs. I had few shares of NTPC @168. After allotment of OFS the average cost of shares was supposed to be reduced to 164 but it still showing 168. Why?

I purchased the NTPC shares in OFS from zerodha. Amount has been debited from my account @ 168 per share. But, After 1 week also still I am seeing the average cost of the share as N/A. when shall the 5% discount will be reflected and when shall the avg cost of the ntpc share will be reflected in my account or kite Holdings.?