Offer for sale of Sumichem

@zerodhaonline Hi, i want to subscribe SUMICHEM @ floor price of 265 per share, but the cut off price showing is 282.65 in zerodha bulletin, will i get allotment at 265 or 282.65, nd one more thing when will i able to sell the shares?![IMG_20200629_095558_789|690x68](upload://hdjZ6Ku6kzMWKuCRWwzPVuYURdQ.jpeg)


You can apply at Rs 265 but may not get allotment. In an OFS, the cutoff price is indicative for retail shareholders since this is based on non-retail subscription. You may get allotment even if you apply at a price lower than the cut-off. But this is contingent on the bids from other retail investors. If there are a lot of bids at the cutoff, you may not get allotment below the cutoff price.

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Thank You Sir, If i get alloted, when will the shares come to my Demat, nd can i sell shares in market tomorrow?

If you are allotted, the shares will hit to your Demat account on T+2 days, you can sell your holding (T1) on the next trading day also.