Ofs order regarding ipo

How does ofs orders work through Q back office? Just by submitting bids am i be eligjble for getting the shares in ipo? And there’s also written that if amount is debited from acount den .05% interest will be levived on the debited amout? Whats this issue?

Under Portfolio - click on OFS.

The system will then ask you to enter the quantity and price before you can submit the bid. Once you do that we will collect the order details from you and all the clients who have participated in the OFS… and place this at the exchange. Usually, by the EOD exchange confirms the completed orders against which a trade process takes place and share get credited to your account.

I’d sugesst you check this -

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So if I do not see shares credited by EOD, it means that I have not been allotted shares. Am I correct?

Yes thanks for the info. And what about the .05% interest levived on the debited amount…whats that?