OHLCV Data Downloads MCX, Commodity Futures

Pi enabled download of OHLCV data from 1minute onwards for the last 60 calendar days. Zerodha, on its support pages, declares that they’ve stopped support for Pi.

Are there any plans for enabling data downloads from Kite Web? On Pi, one could download data for free. Now, Zerodha’s support staff suggested to use Kite API for downloading the data. That is at 2000/month. From downloading for free to directly 2k/month is a shock. Additionally, the API enables building of an app on top of Kite. So, is it possible to get a lower cost subscription only for data downloads? I need the data for backtesting.

Apart from Kite, is there a way to download 1minute data of MCX commodity futures contracts? Are there any other sources? I would want to download data for other underlyings/assets as well in future (which Pi used to allow).

No plans to allow to download data from Kite for now.


you will get 100 symbols live data for free.

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I saw Data Downloads in ChartIQ8, which is in Beta stage. Helpful feature. Please keep it in all future updates.