OI addition in Jet Airways (Currently in F&O Ban)

Hi Traders,
Can some one please help me understand this case.
Jet Airways is currently in F&O Ban, but still OI addition can be seen on 760 CE.

How is it possible ?

It is the responsibility of the trading member to ensure that the OI does not increase in a banned F&O scrip. If the OI increases, the exchange will penalize that trading member who allowed the OI to increase, in accordance with this circular.

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Could it be a possibility that 760 strike PUT might be having far higher OI & after some reduction, it dimnished to 3600 which maybe NET OI.

I may be totally wrong at it. Would request Mr @nithin to enlighten us.

Who is a trading member ? Is it trader/Broker ?

The trading member here is the broker.

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Thanks for clarifying Srinivas :slight_smile:

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Could be possible due to Strike Price rollover.
Example- A 740 CE(or any strike) which was bought before it entered ban period could have rolled over to 760 CE(Sold 740 CE and bought 760 CE)
Net OI remains unchanged in this case


So it means one can not open new position in call and put option both (buy and sell), but only who has a previous position (buy or sell), can close their position. Am I right?

Some punters increase positions by paying penalty

But yes for us normal retailers, we cannot add new positions, but we can close existing positions during FNO ban

What are the chances of trend reversal after going into ban?

There is no pattern to FNO ban

Some stocks continue existing trend strongly, some reverse trend after going into FNO ban.

Some go into FNO ban and do NOTHING (Like IDBI Bank which was first one to go into FNO ban in this month)

Just you can keep eye on which stocks are going into FNO ban in coming days, and based on the stock and its news, make an informed guess, thats it.