Olymp trade education section: opinions on “Predatory Look” strategy

Hey everyone. I’ve been going through various trading strategies and ran into this attractive by the way it sounds “Predatory Look” strategy at olymp trade blog. There is a two-minute video there explaining how to trade it. But there is something I can’t get. Alligator indicator that is used there extends it’s lines to the future. So are we using in the strategy these forward looking lines extensions or should we only consider how these lines intercross at the current moment.
I’m sorry if the answer is obvious to you. I’m relatively new to markets so I’d still appreciate some help here. Thank you in advance!

Sure enough we must use these forward looking signals. The current moment will normally correspond to the intersection of alligator’s lips and jaws. What you see ahead is the mouth opened or closed. So you need to use this signal to enter the market once the awesome oscillator gives the necessary signal too.
Need to mention here, I’m a bit sceptical about this strategy. What can you expect of moving averages intersection and awesome oscillator?

Thanks for your reply! As I said, I’ve just started my trading career and I’m just trying out the strategies that are there on the internet. My main concern is that I might misinterpret instructions, this is why I’m trying to dig into details. So far it looks like following the trend is the best and the simplest strategy ever. You can’t really be mistaken when identifying a trend, can you?

Oh yeah, you can! This is actually why some people prefer using indicators to identify not really the direction of trend but its strength. The most common mistake is to misinterpret stagnation period, when price is moving horizontally with some fluctuations up and down. Some people think that range moves are the periods when price is constantly changing the trend from up to down and vice versa.
PS. really surprised how Olymp Trade managed to fit the explanation of a strategy in 2 min only. Well done! It’s also good they offer to combine the signals from several indicators, cause Alligator will only be good to identify the trend. Oscillator will add precision to your entries and exits.

I see, I can actually understand the mistake, I’ve been doing it myself many times. When price is trending you always expect the reversal and try trading counter-trend to get “the best price”. In reality this “best price” turns out to be a mere rest point and price will keep moving along with the trend. Don’t see how I can fight this view on the market.

Using multiple timeframes for analysis will definitely help. I’m sure Olymp like any other decent brokerage allows you to open several charts simultaneously and/or easily switch between time frames without losing the chart drawings from the other timeframe. So what you can do is to open both i.e 1 min chart and 15 min chart. On 15 min you can identify the range the price is moving within. Then look at 1 min chart and its signals (including the ones that these two indicators give you). If you see 1 min. chart is offering to buy and this signal corresponds the upper border of 15 min range ,then simply omit the signal. When the signal is given on the lower border of the 15 min range or somewhere in the middle - use it.

It’s been several month since I’ve started using the strategy. Should be long enough to share my own conclusions. Well, I think the indicators used here in predatory look seem to work fine together. I thought it would be very difficult to start working with indicators from scratch, not knowing much about how they work, etc. But this wasn’t the most difficult part of it. Reading couple articles, posting several questions on forums - and there you are, understanding how they work. To my surprise the most difficult part of it was to trade in accordance with the chosen strategy only. I found out that its difficult for me now to evaluate the overall performance of the strategy, cause I don’t really know which trades were made using predatory look strategy and which of them were my spontaneous insights :-/

Hah, you gonna have lot more insights of this kind when and if you choose a trader’s career path. This is actually a very important observations that you just have made. Very often traders focus on developing the best trading system and all their efforts are there, in strategy development. But many of them forget to put some effort in trading discipline. There is no point in examining this or any other strategy if you can’t really evaluate the results because of your careless trades. Not until you start a proper trading journal where you will have all of your trades marked as systematic or non-systematic. And lot more to be added to your trading journal if you want better results.

Sounds scary )) But i see why you recommend this. I feel a bit like a hamster in a wheel when I trade like I do now - sometimes using the system, sometimes relying on intuition. And I don’t even have a clue what works better! Guess appraisal of effectiveness is really an important part of trader’s job. Olymp’s platform is really cool and I’m glad I could catch up with how to trade and use indicators this quick. However, some extra effort is needed to get better results.