One confusion regarding ITR/tax filing?

my question is:

last year (FY17-18) was away from markets . so should I file ITR 1 for FY 17-18 ?
( & ITR3 next year (FY18-19 (as I’m back in market & carry forward speculative intraday loss in that year )

Additional details : ( filed ITR 3 for FY 16-17 as income was from F & O & STCG
& carried forward loss from intra day / speculative loss of my single first trade

THANKS for all help i received during my last filing :slight_smile:

It is best to continue filing ITR3 for 17/18 and then 18/19. It is best avoided to keep changing the ITR forms.

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thanks :slight_smile: nithin sir .

& i should show profit as zero ( as no trades/business income last year ) and continue with previous year’s balance sheet ???


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that was so quick nithin sir
good morning :slight_smile:

nithin sir one more confusion :slight_smile:
can i also show balance sheet figure to zero ? ( as no trade )

You should fill balance sheet details as per your details like bank balance , cash balance , broker bank balance …

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so I have to include my personal balance in bank ( as none of it came from trading in market)??

Since carry forward of losses involved , you can file ITR 3 as rightly said by Mr Nithin. Prepare your own balance sheet or get help from professional if required. You will save some money later.

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thanks … I missed edited answer

issue resolved thank u