One market order is showing as multiple transactions on Quicko

Why does @Quicko treat a single buy order as multiple transactions? I bought 2000 odd shares of Tata Steel at market price earlier this year. 638 shares got filled at 106.80, another 280 shares also got filled at 106.80 (presumably from a different seller), and the remaining 1100 odd shares got filled at 106.85 under 12 trades (presuming 12 different sellers at that price). Shouldn’t this order be treated as one transaction from a taxation standpoint? But Quicko is treating this order as 14 separate transactions because they got filled in 14 trades. Is this how it is supposed to be done?

I’m bothered about the number of transactions as Quicko says I need to get a pro plan because I have 100+ transactions. But in reality, I barely had 25 buy+sell orders in the entire financial year and a pretty straightforward tax filing otherwise.

Hi @JM4

Please read about Calculation of Total Transactions for Capital Gains Reporting : Help Center on Quicko.

That doesn’t really answer my question. I placed precisely one buy order and exactly one sell order throughout the year. But it is counted as 14 transactions.

Probably they counted trades

For example I placed 1 ORDER & it got filled in 8 TRADES

Hi @JM4

Quicko calculates the total number of trades from the number of Settlement, settlement is calculated for every Buy and Sell trade in a FIFO manner if, in your Trade book, there are multiple trades of sell then that is what is to be reported as a tradewise entry.