One the best economics 101 resources

I guess Ray Dalio needs no introduction. He has beautifully explained how an economy works. Some of the technical aspects might require multiple reads but it is worth it. Start with the video and then the PDFs.


Already watched it on YouTube 7 days prior.

Hope it was enlightening. :slight_smile:

It was indeed. I am reading his research report and ordered his book principles through Amazon.

Have been meaning to. Do let us know on this thread if the book is worth a read.

Still I am reading the electronic version of the book but here are the top ten principles prescribed by him:

1.Practice radical truth and transparency

2.Fail,learn,move forward

3.Learn from disagreements

4.People and culture is all that matters


6.Don’t let fear stop you

7.Mistakes are good things

8.Build a balanced portfolio

9.Sometimes the high points come from the low points

10.Know that you don’t know a lot


Thank you. :slight_smile: that’s a nice sneak peak.

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