One Trade Went Wrong! Still Happy Monday


@kushal_chauhan Thank you. God’s grace


Hey @mkishore9
I use These websites.



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Hi Sumit, are you from Ghaziabad?


Hey Bro,
I have never abused you, have I?
Where in trade book is one’s capital/margin shown?

You once said that you use BO!!!
Today you traded 3030 shares of petronet . Right?
Now that’s not HUGE capital.


Finally, tradingqna has some stardom. @sumit_singh12 This dull place finally has a celebrity.


@Srinivas yes :rofl:

@sumit_singh12 thanks for the post n keep posting as it will boost the morale of ppl who r down,Happy trading.:rofl:


@sumit_singh12 Congratulations. Keep sharing your successes and losses. It would be better if you can share a brief of each of the trade, qty, short/long, what indicators made you take that trade, when you exited and why, etc. That would help the novices like us more confidence.


Another good day for you.
Do you trade in the BO simultaneously or trade 1 at a time.



By any chance are boosting ur profits this way …Just out of curiosity … That is editing HTML elements


:open_mouth: This creates a doubt on the authenticity of profits. Although i’m not calling sumit fake.


:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: That’s funny


You need to add commas also appropriately to make it genuine :slight_smile:


Without knowing what kind of capital is being used to generate these returns and how many continuos profits and losses are being made, this will only lead to unreasonable return expectation in the minds of people who are new to the market .


Fellow traders, why are we questioning the authenticity. Learn to be happy for others, you too can achieve what Sumit has with a right attitude.


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