One useful suggestion on Cover Order window

Hi Mr @nithin , whenever we open a cover order window to place an order, many times due to market volatility the price of stock has moved up or down & so the trigger price filled in doesn’t matches within 3% range which is shown in cover order window.
As a result, the order is not successful & the order book shows it as TRIGGER PRICE error.

It will be helpful if the latest trigger price range in the cover order window can change automatically on every price movement of the scrip selected.
So from that trigger price range shown (which will keep on updating on a realtime basis) , we can manually put our stop loss. This will ensure smooth n faster order placement.

Secondly, earlier I requested & suggested you for making small changes in your website brokerage calculator.
I hope you will do the needful. It will benefit every zerodha customer.


The Cover order trigger price range will change everytime the order window is loaded because it is calculated based on the LTP of the scrip at the time of opening the order window. It is safe to keep a 0.3-0.5% buffer within the trigger price range while entering your trigger price for the CO to ensure it is accepted.

Read my post carefully then reply!!! Seems you didn’t understand what I m trying to convey.
I know all about Cover orders.