Only SIP allowed

Since most of the exciting funds are now accepting only SIP, hence the COIN user will be debarred from investing in these funds like MiraeAsset Emerging Blue chip, Reliance Small cap, now IDFC sterling, and in the future list SBI small n midcap.
Zerodha need to do something about it.
@faisr @Bhuvan

@nithin @Bhuvan
Pls do something for the sake of mutual funds lover.

Hi Nikhil,

Since we are using BSE STAR MF as our back end order routing system and the mode transactions are in demat form, there is no provision in star mf currently to debit the amount directly from bank account of the respective client if the transactions are in demat mode because of which the conventional SIP cannot be executed. But, we are having discussion with Reliance to open lumpsum investment again (since we are sending the SIP orders on COIN as lumpsum. Click here to read more about it)

With respect to Mirae Asset EBF, the AMC has now put a restriction of collecting SIP amount only on 10th of every month but are unwilling to open up lumpsum currently.

Also, there is no restriction for investing in IDFC sterling fund. You can invest in it from COIN.

I think in coming days many funds would accept SIP only. Hence You need to prepare for that moment else people will look for better options.