Open HIgh Low Strategy at 9.15 AM

Dear Team,

I want to create a Streak OHL strategy where I want to trigger exactly at 9.15 AM

  1. Buy if Open = Low
  2. Sell if Open = High

I want this to trigger only once. I tried backtesting, but all backtesting data fails.
Kindly help


Hi @Harish_S ,

Are you planning to implement this in stocks?
If so, how can it be triggered exactly at 9:15 AM? Wouldn’t all stocks match Open = High and Open = Low at exactly 9:15 AM, since it just opens at 9:15?

Open = Low?
Are you referring to low of current candle?

Read varsity thrice before jumping into trading. You have asked fundamentally wrong question. Time will teach you if you dont teach urself now.


Hello Prash,
Yes you are right. Yes I plan to implement this. How do you think I can implement this?

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Ye nai sudhrega?
Bhai mere, at 9:15 O=H=L=C
Then how do you plan to trade???



Yes, this cannot be implemented. As @maddy_Des said, at exactly 9:15 AM, open will be same as high and low, because it just opened.

Based on which time frame you plan to trade, like 5 min, 15 min etc. You can plan to trade after the first candle is finished, so you would have some reference for Low and High .

But a personal opinion, if you are not sure of the strategy, please do not jump in to the trade. First please implement the strategy when you are trading manually or atleast backtest it for a few times, only when it is working consistently, try to check/implement in a semi-auto or automatic way.


At 9:15, this will not yield any relevant result because of the logic mentioned by @prash_u and @maddy_Des.

But lets assume that you want to use this strategy after 9:45 AM using the high of the first 30 min, you need to use the below mentioned conditions-

Entry: Opening Range (Open, 30 min) equal to Opening Range (Low, 30 min)

The opening range marks the first candle and the candle length can range from 1 min to 1 day as per the users discretion.

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Thanks. Got the answer.


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Hey can you share the link to your backtest