Open Interest on kite charts!


Thanks for providing open interest on kite charts.


Thanks of OI on chart waiting for long time


@siva The current OI chart provides only a OI chart of current expiry. Can you please consider providing a cumulative OI for an instrument and show it in the Index/Stock itself so that it will be easier for analysis with charts.
The current expiry OI in the respective month Futures chart does not help in analyzing price action over higher time frame.

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Doing this is not at all easy but will note this, if something can be done in coming days.

Going further OI will be added on continuous futures so it should be at use.


not able to see Oi only showing Horizontal line


Check for fn0, not for equities.


Are there any known issues with TV charts after latest updates?
I am facing serious issues with multi charts.
Of all the charts only active one is updating and other charts pauses at the moment they are deselected.


Should not happen, this is sorted. You can message me your client ID, I can arrange a call.


So that means there was an issue then. I will again check on monday and contact again if faced.


Not now.



Today also facing the issue. In TV multi chart only active chart updates while others remain static. Resolve asap.


You can message me your ID, I can arrange a call and get it checked. Fine from our end.


it is on again off again issue. No guarantee that it will be there while you guys call me.
Still I will DM you.