Open order eats leverage . No use if orders not completed


I trade in MIS intraday only .

I make plenty of limit price MIS open orders .

But ; hardly 2~3 orders get execute completed as the other open orders don’t come to the limit price .

So ; the other open pending orders used my MIS intraday margin exposure leverage BUT could not get completed or executed . So i could not make high volume turnover trades .


My query is :

Can you give me more MIS intraday margin exposure leverage for the open orders. So that i make many limit open pending orders .

And as soon as a few orders get completed; you can cease or reduce the leverage so the other open pending orders would be auto rejected and cancelled due to lack of margin fund ?

Awaiting for the reply…

Thk u .

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You should use Bracket order. BO. You will get 7x to 15x leverage. In addition, You should chose compulsory target, stoploss and limit price at the beginning of placing the order. @HSL List of stock which are leveraged. Sometimes scrips will be blocked for some reasons temporarily.

You should go through this.

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You will get more advantages comparing to MIS. However all mis scrips are not allowed in BO i guess. Only selected companies are allowed to trade with BO, Which i shared link above.