Open orders gets executed when stock reaches Circuit filter

Today i short 50 shares of IBULHSGFIN @ 373 and my target was -15/-(@358) but order gets executed @ 368(10%).

  1. Could anyone explain what happens at circuit filter.
  2. Does it happens for all stocks? I have seen this stock IBULHSGFIN going more than 20% intraday.
  3. Do we need to plan this beforehand. In this case i shouldn’t have taken this trade for profit of just 5/- where i risked 10/- as stoploss.

Stock will have only one side either bids or offers till more supply or demand comes. If the stock has fno on it, after circuit limit if it matches some pre set rules limit will be moved higher and it continues.

Yes, may be at that time limit is 20%, stock limits will be changed based on volatility. Stock can have 5,10,20 limit and in BSE various other limits are also in place.

You can check circuit limit on market depth itself and plan accordingly, but if it has fno on it limit is subjected to change on intraday basis.

Sorry sir i cant understand. Say i short at 11% and set my target at 8%. Now when price reaches 10% my order gets executed with profit of 1% and it continues to go even less than 8%. So when it goes in right direction why my order gets executed in between.

From my understanding we should never buy or short at round percents(say 5, 10, 20).
Sell if price crossed below round percent in above case if i short at 9.99% then i would have got more profit (1.99%). Same for Buy if price crossed above round percent then we need to buy.
Pls correct if i am wrong.

You can give exact prices instead % for more clarity.

Order Type BO
Short @ 373 (10.14%)
Target @ 358 (9.72%)
Stoploss @ 383
But Open Order gets executed @ 368 (10%) with just profit of 5/- per share, whereas actual target is 15/- per share.

Addtional Info,
Day High @ 376.60
Day Low @ 268.10

What is the circuit limit? order can’t be placed above and below limits, even when input is given beyond limits, also any trailing sl you have mentioned?

Sorry i made a mistake in percent calculation,
Previous day close @ 334.75
Short @ 373 (11.43%)
Target @ 358 (6.94%)
10% falls exactly @ 368.22.
Got out @ 368.
Is zerodha sending the trigger order when it reaches 10%?

I don’t know how to find. On that day range was, +12.50% to -19.90%. Will circuit limit change many times within a day?

Day High @ 376.60 (12.50%)
Day Low @ 268.10 (-19.90%)

Sry cant understand this phrase. Did you mean the limit price? I know we cant give limit price above circuit in case of short order. System throws error if we try to do. But above case i have successfully created a BO Short @ 373 (11.43%) order.

No trailing Stop Loss given.

May be from next time create a tickethere, team can actually check what values you have given, now all these % and values are messed up.