Open Position Avg price - wrong Calculation on KITE

Suppose i buy Nifty option 1 lot & sell 1 lot after some time & close the position. Now if once again i go & buy 1 lot Nifty Option…now 1 position is closed & 2 nd is open…now if we go to Position window & check the Avg price for 2nd Open Position, Instead of showing Buying price of 2nd position it shows average value of 1st+2nd position & calculates P&L accordingly…which is completely wrong & misleading.
If both positions are Open then only it should show avg price of 1st+2nd.
So pl clarify & correct it ASAP

The trading terminal, Kite shows the cumulative average price in case multiple buy and sell trades are executed on the same day (intraday) to show your net P&L for that particular day. You can refer your order book to find the average price of your latest trades.
However, the average price in our backend, Console is calculated on a pure FIFO (First In First Out) basis. Your open position will show the actual buying price of the 2nd lot on the next day if it is carry forwarded. In case it is not showing the correct average price on the next day, you are requested to contact our support desk and report the issue.

But what is logic of showing “cumulative average price” of closed & Open position together. As a Trader every one want to see what is the P&L of only ongoing open positions …to check P/L & either book profit or loss OR decide the target or stoploss.

Closed position P&L anyway we are able to see in History, If at all you want to show NET P&L it can be shown seperately.

…so request to make change