open thread for adding features to kite platform

first of all Thankyou so much for creating zerodha.

There are some problems while trading in kite, which I think a lot of traders must be facing and i would like to add here as suggestions.

  1. More keyboard Shortcuts should be added in the kite web, through which trades should be made more easy and quick.

for examples :

a. trade directly from the chart (much awaiting).

b. direct shortcut (alt + A ) for creating and modifying alerts on the chart ( like trading view has on their website ) it gives so much pain to always go to the market-watch and create alert.

  1. add modify/exit shortcuts with "CTRL M & E or M & E whichever suits the best. sometimes trades are stressful and you need to be very quick on your decision to modify or to get exit your trades.
  2. toggle between chartiq and trading view from the opened chart itself. Till the time direct trading from TV is not available. this can be gold for traders to quickly toggle to chartiq, take a trade and get back to tv again.
  3. Few fixes required

a. unable to save any drawing tool settings we modify according to our ease. it always getsback to default to next chart we open even for the most valuable tool “FIB retracement” every time i have to modify the setting on every chart i open. please fix it soon.

b. shortcut B and S are not working on popout charts, it disables itself as soon as you made certain moves to your chart and then you will only get scrips while typing B and S ( i showed this to your support portal executive on call ) the only way to work B S shorcut after refreshing the page and do nothing with your mouse.

c. pressing C to open the chart from market watch is not working at all . rather make it fix by showing the chart directly when we select the scrip from our marketwatch it is more easier and comfortable.

I know that I have given a lot of suggestions but believe me, a lot of people must have been facing these issues while trading

i am looking forward to see these changes soon.