Opening a Zerodha equity trading+demat joint account in two people's names

I already followed the procedure to open a T+D account using the Aadhar eSign option online. However, I need to add a second holder to this account. How do I go about this?

Hmm… if you have opened an account as single holder, you can’t add a second holder to it. You can add a nomination though which you should have already received as an email when you opened the account. Joint accounts can’t be opened using AADHAR. If you’d still insist, you will have to close the old account and open the new joint account using a manual application form.

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Hello Sir,
Can I open Joint account with the address of 2nd holder

Even in the case of a joint Demat account, communications regarding the account will be provided to the first holder only. So the correspondence address on the Demat form will have to be that of the first holder. KYC+supporting documents will have to be provided for all the joint holders(max upto 3)

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