Opening Demat Account

I have paid requisite Fees (Rs.300/-) for opening demat account.

Now, when the application form is asking to link my digilocker account with zerodha.

I have checked digilocker portal. It has 29 requestor organisations, however, zerodha’s name is not appearing on it.

Plz correct me if m wrong, but is it safe to allow access to the digilocker as other personal docs will be stored there as well?


Hi Ankur,

Zerodha has tied up with Digilocker as a Requester too, that is how Digilocker share details with us after you issue your documents within the Digilocker portal. I will check and see to it that Zerodha’s name appears too, I am unsure on whether they keep updating the list.

With regard to safety, Digilocker is an initiative of the National eGovernance Division under the Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology (MeitY), Government of India. As it is an initiative from the Government and has no profit motive, we believe that it is extremely safe :slight_smile:

Ohk…thanks a lot…Will complete the pending application form… plz guide me if I get stuck…will connect

Is it compulsory to also pay Rs.200/- (for commodity market) as I have already paid Rs.300/- for equity market., while opening new account.

Hey Ankur,

The ₹200 for commodity is required only if you intend to trade in commodity derivatives, with the equity account you will have access to a world of services from Zerodha.

Check this link for more

Hello all,

I am not able to link Zerodha with digilocker. It always gives message " Unable to process you document. Please do a KYC on digilocker again and proceed here. "

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I’m facing exactly same issue. Can you please help me to proceed further.

@Amol22 I have contacted to the number given on Zerodha website and after sometime the issue was resolved.

Thank you so much.