Opening Price of commodity and charting in PI

In the "Bought for You" column of the contract note provided to me by Zerodha,  the Trade time is shown as 19:33:02 for Contract Date: 17/09/2015 and the purchase price is ₹3144.00

However when I when I checked the charts with PI earlier today, the low on the 5 minute candle chart for the time period shows as ₹3150.00.

The above two are provided as attached.

My doubt is how the purchase took place at the price of ₹3144.00 at 19:33:02 hrs when the 5 minute candle stick chart shows low as ₹3150.00. I have read in Z-Connect that the last close of the day in equity is the weighted average of the last 30 mts. Is there something similar for commodities (and maybe equities also) for the opening session?

Also, according to the MCX website, the trade timings on 17th Sept 2015 is 17:00 hrs to 23:30/23:55 hrs. However when I saw today, ​PI charts show timings from only 19:30 hrs. Why is this so?

Thank You.

The chart can capture a maximum of around 4 ticks a second, whereas there could have been hundreds of ticks in one second. Check this:

So it is possible that the chart has missed a tick, but ur trade has executed.

Yesterday some issue with the charting database, hence from 7.30pm. We will repopulate the db soon.

Thanks Nithin. You and team are providing a Truly Zero-Rodha experience for me and fellow traders. Thanks Again.