Opinion : Market should be banned entirely

I mean it sounds like a good idea to me. SEBI itself wants this. They don’t want people should lose their hard earned money. So, a blanket ban on the entire stock market including equity and derivatives seems like the only way to do this. I mean, look at it this way. Most people lose their money in the market whether it’s equity or derivatives. Some guy on Moneycontrol forums wrote that he bought BEL(Bharat Electronics) at 150 on Ashwani Gujral’s recommendation. Now Bel is at around 87.65 right now. I mean it’s not just one example. Like, Mitesh Thakral said buy KPIT at 306 with a target of 320 and soon it fell to 290 levels. And basically, people buy into this and lose their money. And recently I found one guy called Vipin Thakran who runs a tips channel on telegram with around 600 followers and I was talking to him and maybe you’re not gonna believe me but when I mentioned SEBI, he asked me, “What is SEBI?”. So, I mean if the market is like this, just kill it already. It’s gonna save people’s money. And yeah I was talking to a broker about all these new restrictions that are being imposed in derivatives and if you guys know me, I am strongly against it. I founded ARTI after all. But he said that these restrictions are good because even though he is a broker and his business would be affected due to these restrictions, he said that at least people’s capital would be protected. And that makes sense. I don’t think it’s going to matter even if Zerodha was shut down tomorrow. They are gonna move on. Businesses adapt. Old businesses die and new ones come. And that’s how Nithin is either way. He literally said, “Oh for derivatives I can understand that it should be restricted.” I mean, in the past three months, SEBI did a lot of things. And out of all of them, brokers stood up against only two things. One is the extended trading hours and the other is networth valuation and that’s because it increases their work load. They never stood up for any other rule even though each and every rule that has come recently has been to curb participation and specifically retail participation. It’s gonna negatively affect business across all the intermediateries directly or indirectly but still very few people cared and the brokers or the exchange were the last ones to do so. So that’s how things are. It’s a dead horse or I should say a dying horse. Just shoot it already. It’s for everyone’s good.

P.S. - Thqis iqs sarcqasmq.

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I think it is better for people with technical skills and who are profitable should try Forex trading using platform like “Topstep Trader”. They fund your account after you prove your technical skills. With 20/80 profit sharing basis. And there is nothing wrong in it as well, as you will be kind of contract employee of them, paying taxes legally and without the headache of SEBI and nuisance in the background.


Seems like a good idea. Will look into it.

Market is the only legal way to buy business. This cannot be restricted to rich or institutions. There are number of companies and individuals who hold majority of their networth on stocks. They need to protect their interest. This can only be done by F&O products. Yes it’s tempting to see such money flow. But one should not enter if not known about risk.


Yes yes ban equities cash for now. How dare u try to be shareholder in reliance industries or TCS?

Later even mutual funds. Later NCDs. Later all NBFCs. Later even FDs. Later even Savings account. How come we stupid retailers open account with big banks like SBI? How can u even pronounce Citibank or standard chartered.

Get lost u retaikers . keep ur cash inside bricks.


Yes better, all our money should be kept with govt offices. We should not hold anything as we may overspend.

If I want to buy one bread from shop, I have to first line up at govt office for 3 hours to withdraw 20 rs for bread.

Then it goes to supervisor who is on leave, so after 2-3 days it is approved, and 2-3 days i dont eat anything.

Then I get “my own” money from govt office and go and buy bread.

I like this kind of govt control also.


Brilliant ideas @Avi_Garg, @Newbie420, @Trading_PA, @ksksat… But sadly, SEBI is not that creative!

I’m considering moving my trading account to Singapore or some other country. Does anyone know how it is possible?


Some info on foreign trading from India: Trading Derivatives in USA from India

I am not sure about if possible for resident Indian moving account to other countries and trading. If it is possible the cost involved may not be lucrative for small traders. It may be good for HNIs.

My suggestion would still be the same. If you are good trader with good performance, try out other avenues like Topstep trader. There are some individuals whom I have met in FB from India.

Only catch is you have to show them within 15days of trading on Ninja trader platform that you are profitable with good risk management. You can then get a funded account of atleast US $ 50K.
People can check their website for detailed information.

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