Option ATM, ITM, OTM chage at movement

If nifty 7800 at 9.15 and it goes 8000 at 12.30, is ATM, ITM, OTM will change at 12.30 or it will change at next trading day

The question should be with respect to a particular strike and type. For example if you are talking a 8000 Call option…when Nifty moves from 7800 to 8000, then 8000 will transition from OTM to ATM in real time.


It means someone take position for long period in ITM he has no guarantee of his money, possible it will move OTM and loss all premium, My intention of asking is if someone take position in ITM and he has not getting time in full month to check his position. then there will chances to loss all premium

True :), hence one should track option positions daily, and take the necessary steps to ensure the position’s profitability.