Option buying for a week

All the videos available for option buying is for intraday only…can we not hold for week in option buying…any strategy …share please

Please check this How can I trade weekly Nifty option contracts in Zerodha?

When you buy options and hold it for a week you loose the time value in option premium. So the underlying strategy should negate this effect some how.

You can read more about options here - Options Theory for Professional Trading - Varsity by Zerodha

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Holding long options overnight is a BIG no unless otherwise you are very damn sure that the underlying will move in your favour that too with fast momentum.

Instead you can go short option with a little OTM long option as a hedge as well as for margin benefit.

Please do proper research.

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For the record, I hold naked weekly ITM options overnight every day. This is with a belief that market will trend significantly in my direction. The probability of that belief turning into reality is only around 47%. Still am profitable.

Whether option buying and holding is profitable or not will depend entirely on the metrics of the strategy used.

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Can you share with us your strategy?

I’m not telling options buying is not profitable. But it requires very high skills to identify the trend and fast executions which most of us lack.

My strategy is proprietary and is available via my website. I trade using Nifty Daily charts and hold my position for an average of 4 days. I trade mostly with my mobile. Orders are preset into the trading terminal. I spend around 15 min a day for my trading activity.

We are social beings. Since most people would advice against naked option buying it just feels that it is difficult and something that needs to be avoided. I would say look in to it. Use it if it fits well with in your trading strategy.

Amazing man! Guess your disciplined behaviour towards your strategy derives great results. :clap:

Still a great percentage I’d say.

Can you tell more about your strategy?
Is it a script running on Tradingview?
Can we see a screenshot of how the tradingview screen looks after adding your plugin?

And what is your ROI in a year with that system?

PM me or reach out to me via my contact details on website. I don’t want to market my strategy here as that would be against the forum rules. I am just to here to learn and at the same time share what I have learned from the market.

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Markets world over typically trend around 30-35% of the time only. So we trend followers have to live with the lower accuracy and work our way around it. Yes disciplined execution of the strategy is key to all the green that am able to see in between the reds.

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Yep! The goal is anyway to be a better trader than yesterday. Being disciplined, strategies over emotions and acceptance are the key. Once a trader understands the strategy that’s best for him/her, i believe the accuracy (not 100%) follows.

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