Option Chain in Zerodha platforms

Can we expect zerodha platforms to have option chains available in future? OR directly placing trade orders from option chains of stocks or indices OR other features like option payoff diagrams ?

(My question is definitely inspired from famous software ‘thinkorswim’ by TD Ameritrade. Please dont get me wrong. I do admire Zerodha platforms and they are way ahead of all other softwares present in india currently. And I am fully aware it is injustice to compare Indian platforms with Americans which are far more advaced compared to current Indian scenario)

@nithin @Karthik

Yep, on our list of things to do. The last 6 months was spent replacing the entire backend for our platforms so that we can manage exponentially more load without any hiccups. We are almost through with that. Once that is done, we will start working on all the front end features. So yes, all that you asked are on our list of things to do.

Thank you @nithin for your response and clarity!